Get Swole

Working out in a gym can be a joyless activity if you can’t get yourself into the right frame of mind. (Not to mention the obnoxious people around you.) Instead of cranking up the EDM or metal, think of this charming slacker pop hit by Izzy True. Or better yet, just kick back and watch the video.

Izzy True’s new ep Troll is out on Don Giovanni Records, available on their bandcamp page.

Wednesday Night Melody

This week in “punk bands I discover on NPR:” Bleached with "Wednesday Night Melody. The sound reminds me of pre-midlife crisis Weezer, the video is an alt. Weekend at Bernie’s, part unsettling, part fun. Hauntingly catchy.

Their new record Welcome The Worms is out April 1 on Dead Oceans.

put me on a pedestal and I’ll only disappoint
you tell me I’m exceptional and I promise to exploit you
give me all your money and I’ll make some origami honey
I think you’re a joke but I don’t find you very funny

“Pedestrian At Best” is another slacker garage rock anthem by Courtney Barnett, first release off of her first proper album Sometimes I Sit and Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit. I’m hooked ever since I heard it first on NPR All Songs Considered.  Great in the same way as 2013’s “Avant Gardener.”

This song really fits to this weekend’s still-winter-but-feels-like-spring vibe, too.

BTW: I have a spotify playlist where I’ll collect all (or at least most) songs I’m into this year as I go.