JESSICA HOFFMAN: Why did you choose a multimedia format to write about love?

MASHA TUPITSYN: With Love Dog something happened to me: I met someone, it rattled me to the core, and I felt called upon to write about it in some roundabout, uncategorizable way that would still examine all the other social, political, and philosophical issues that I have always been concerned with. Tumblr allowed me to write the kind of interactive, associative, experimental, and discursive criticism that I have always wanted to write and that directly responds to the digital structure that now informs and organizes our lives. [Love Dog is the second in] a trilogy of writing on the Internet that began with LACONIA: 1,200 Tweets on Film. It was the first book of film criticism written entirely on Twitter, and an exercise in criticism as a form of living. I did not know that [these books] would be part of a trilogy. I only knew that these projects were bigger than me just tweeting and blogging, that I had no interest in using social media without making some kind of critical intervention.

“Queer is Hardly Just Who You Sleep With”: Q&A with Masha Tupitsyn | Bitch Media

The entire interview with writer and cultural critic Masha Tupitsyn is worth a read. She touches upon queer sexuality, love, desire, masculinity, and writing. And her multimedia print book Love Dog sounds really interesting.