You or Someone You Know

I’m just going to go out on a limb here: You or Someone You Know by Worriers is my favorite record of the year. Such a perfect punk/power pop record – I listen to it when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I’m sitting in the sun on my balcony, when I have to work too long once again. Headphones, speakers, smartphone – it always sounds great. The production is flawless. So warm, so smart, so great.
The opening track, “End of the World” is the song of 2020:

Set my sights on the life that you get when you put the hard work in.
Only to be told, keep your fingers crossed that they vote you a person.
I apologize; you’ve been trying to go with the safer bet.
It’s true I didn’t think that far, but how do you plan for the death of a safety net?

What can I possibly say, is it me or the end of the world?
Cover your eyes and ears and hope I don’t notice and nothing hurts.
It must weigh on you a bit, but it’s not me that has to fix it.
Could you just hold on to me for now?

And their account is one of my favorites on Instagram, too.

You or Someone You Know is out on 6131 Records.

They continued down a havoc of backstreets. A woman carried a tray of kale on a string over her neck, trying in vain to hawk the exhausted green leaves.

Is this from 

a) a dystopian story about the crash of the current tech bubble and the demise of formerly fashionable neighborhoods from Brooklyn to Los Angeles?

b) a story of a (fictionalized) Frederick Douglass traveling through Ireland on a book tour during the potato famine?

b. From Colum McCann’s great novel TransAtlantic.

Donald Sterling Is Problematic in So Many Ways

NPR’s Code Switch blog has a good write-up of Donald Sterling’s obviously racist and rather delusional statements – and his history of racist bigotry:

It’s not even the ugliest racial controversy he’s been at the center of. If you took all of Donald Sterling’s racial scandals together, you might have a hard time distinguishing him from a villain in a blaxploitation movie. (Critics would complain that the character was too broadly drawn.)

The article doesn’t even include his bizarre, bragging deposition in a case in which he was accused of sexual harassment. The deposition is so inappropriate it’s (almost) funny but adds to the misogyny that is also noticeable in his fight with his mistress of color. The Daily Beast has more.