Oh baby I will read
About the buzzing of the bees
About the grass and snakes and spawning lakes and the different types of trees
And I will find a way
That leads from cruel April into May
And someday soon it will be June and you’ll decide to stay

Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls: The Opening Act of Spring

This weekend, the Boss from New Jersey opened his concert in Brooklyn with his rendition of the biggest hit by the late purple genius from Minnesota. It’s already all over the internet, but it’s to relevant to all my interests not to have it on my blog, too. For more Prince-Old White Dudes crossover, check out this magnificent version of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.”


What’s Making Me Happy This Week III

Spraynard live on NPR’s Bullseye with Jesse Thorn

I’m at a weird point in my life where I fall for punk bands recommended on NPR shows.

Spraynard play the kind of emotional pop punk that will forever have a special place in my heart and mind. Brilliant. Check out their great album Mable on bandcamp.   

Against Me! released a live version of True Trans Soul Rebel as a precursor to their upcoming new live album, which is awesome on its own, but it also means I get to add the best punk song of recent memory to my running Best Of 2015 Spotify playlist, aptly called “Wait, it’s 2015?”


Nirvana is one of those bands that are almost impossible to cover. Not only are they iconic, but they are perfect within the conventions of their genre, heck, they established the rules and then tore them down themselves. So to make a cover work, you need to go in a different but equally intense direction.That’s why EMA’s Endless Nameless version was the only endurable cover on SPIN’s Nevermind tribute.

This version of Heart-Shaped Box by Kawehi is another rare cover that works very well for me. 

Many, many committed Nirvana fans will hate this, too. Including my teenage self. The mix of genres, especially guitar vs. synth mixes, are a sacrilege to some.Pierre Bourdieu told you so.