It’s important to acknowledge that, most of the time, the underlying problem human rights organisations are trying to solve isn’t technical. It’s often a bureaucratic, institutional, process or workflow problem, and technology won’t solve it (and might exacerbate it).

Human rights work attempts to prevent the abusive deployment of power against those who have little of it. While technology might disrupt some power structures, it might also reinforce them, and it is rarely designed to empower the most vulnerable populations.

“Tech folk: ‘Move fast and break things’ doesn’t work when lives are at stake:” A comment on the complex, strenuous working relationship between Silicon Valley and human rights organizations by Keith Hiatt, Michael Kleinman and Mark Latonero.


A poem by Latinx poet Loma, which they wrote in the aftermath of Orlando, expressing grief, outrage, frustration and love in the queer poc community. The piece connects the personal and the political, and puts the Orlando attack in context of the other forms of violence (recent and historic) that target the community.


Science Shows People Who Still Read Fiction A More Empathetic

Interesting article on the benefits of reading fiction, including activating areas of the brain responsible for visualizing movement or emotional transportation. One caveat: I’m not sure if I entirely agree with their separation between literary fiction and popular fiction, because those labels are manifestations of the canon and arbitrary to a certain degree. More complex literature seems to lead to enhanced empathy. I’m not entirely sure if that is the same differentiation as literary popular young adult fiction.

Choice quote from psychologist David Comer Kidd:

“The same psychological processes are used to navigate fiction and real relationships. Fiction is not just a simulator of a social experience, it is a social experience.”

Good thing my new year’s resolution is to spend more time reading fiction, preferably in printed book form. If I am able to concentrate enough, few things recharge and calm me down as well as a good book.

Science Shows People Who Still Read Fiction A More Empathetic