Mavis Staples: Action

What a terrifying time to rise our voices / But see I’m not left with minimal choices / I gotta put it into action / Doing it A too Z / Until I set myself free

Mavis Staples is one of the greatest gospel, soul and R’n’B singers. With her family’s group. the Staple Singers, she moved from a Christian gospel group to politically active members of the civil rights movement. This perspective is still noticeable in her music today, like this call to Action, The song is written by 

tUnE-yArDs’ Merrill Garbus. Marvis Staples’ voice is timeless, the message of her music is still so relevant. Her new album Livin On A High Note is  out on Anti- records Febuary 19th.

(I was introduced to Marvis Staples and the history of the Staple Singers by this great interview with Jesse Thorn of NPR’s Bullseye)


Always wear shoes that are good for running or fighting.

Joe Strummer 

It’s kind of like storytelling s & m – sort of an alternate world in which Martin’s punches land, and they land hard enough that we feel them, but not so hard that we have to use our safe word. Once we heal, we might want to come back for another session.

Jesse Thorn on Game of Thrones in his show Bullseye. Good point.