Added these little month calendars to my future log at the suggestion of my wife. Really like this addition to my bulletjournal

Wonderful Sunday: Finally finishing Bachmann’s Malina for the #2016classicschallenge and enjoying homemade Portuguese pasteis, a gift for my wife from a now former coworker. Delicious.
Malina is really good, but a slow read, especially if you only find time for a few pages at night after a day of working/studying.

Yes, perusing the #chubstr and #PTOman hashtags on Instagram made me put on a lambswool sweater and an OCBD instead of a worn out hoodie just to go to the post office, why do you ask? 

The kind of window seat/nook I’ve always wanted. Plus, it’s in NYC. 

(I feel kinda odd sharing some stranger’s instagram photo. But since it’s been shared more than 2,200 times…. I also awkwardly liked it on instagram – and my like is now actually worth a few cents, thanks to flattr and superfav.)