The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die – Katamari Ququette

“Visit a new town/ Shake your fist/ You still have to follow all of them around.”

An artsy emo band from the East coast with an absurdly long name, featuring tempo changes, strings, and a past collaboration with an spoken word artist – how haven’t I come across The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die before? 

This would’ve been the perfect soundtrack for my time in Freiburg.

This is so good. 

(Topshelf Records)

Allison Weiss’ “Take You Back” is a sweet, simple, near perfect pop song. This is my kind of summer music. It’s also one of the great songs on No Sleep Records new (and free!) compilation Summer of No Sleep. Great companion from the first coffee at your desk to the last drink by the lake/sea/campfire of your choice. (Or if you need to detox from all those soccer chants and EDM tracks.)  

YouTube to Become Useless

The New York Times reports that YouTube will block (and also delete?) videos from independent record labels who haven’t agreed to Google’s new licensing terms.

For German users YouTube as a music video host has been fubar for quite some time, now the ridiculousness goes global, apparently. It’s an obvious move to strong-arm small labels into agreeing to deals that, according to the indies, are worse than the deals the big 3 music corporations get.

That’s pretty evil in my book, Google.

Also, this show how problematic it is that so much of our revolutionary new media life is based on a few corporations. Their bottom line, after all, is the bottom line, not culture. When Google (or Apple. Or Amazon) flexes its muscle like this, the media future looks pretty bleak.

YouTube to Become Useless

Reach Out To You by Adventures

I recently discovered this song by Adventures on the No Sleep Records free spring sampler. And it’s just the kind of indie/core song I’ve been looking for at the  moment. I love it. Get the EP on bandcamp for half-a-pint.