Lindau in November 2020

I need a break from the real world
I will live in social media now
Until I am a word of myself!
Away you fly from such a brow!

People are just as bad
They’ve known the world along that way
But rent is cheaper
Since your own life is a day.

A poem inspired byEmily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, and Sara Teasdale based on my most recent (English) tweet and composed with Google’s AI Verse by Verse.

(via twitter.)

Find a way to enjoy your work, because you’ll spend most of your life doing it.

Jake Knapp, Design Partner at GV (Google Ventures) or rather his dad. 

I like this piece of advice because it doesn’t say find work you enjoy, because it’s not possible for everyone in our current system to make their passion their (day) job or career. 

YouTube to Become Useless

The New York Times reports that YouTube will block (and also delete?) videos from independent record labels who haven’t agreed to Google’s new licensing terms.

For German users YouTube as a music video host has been fubar for quite some time, now the ridiculousness goes global, apparently. It’s an obvious move to strong-arm small labels into agreeing to deals that, according to the indies, are worse than the deals the big 3 music corporations get.

That’s pretty evil in my book, Google.

Also, this show how problematic it is that so much of our revolutionary new media life is based on a few corporations. Their bottom line, after all, is the bottom line, not culture. When Google (or Apple. Or Amazon) flexes its muscle like this, the media future looks pretty bleak.

YouTube to Become Useless

Respect Your Street View Views.

These days, Germany is buzzing with the discussion surrounding the activation of Google’s Street View service for our country. Personally, I like the service – I love to digitally roam around San Francisco, for example. I personally have no privacy concerns – it is, after all, only a picture of the facade of my house. Something everyone walking down my street can see. So people can now also see my house when they digitally walk down my street. The net, in my opinion, is also part of the real world. 

However, I can understand when people have concerns regarding Street View and do not want their house to be part of the service. I do not share their concerns, but I have to respect them. There are people (of course) who do not share this respect for others – and want to take pictures of houses not included in Street View and connect the images with Geodata services. Not cool, Jens Best, not cool at all.