Frank Turner and Jon Snodgrass: The Fleas

So here we are
finally on our knees
waiting for the world to shake us off
like a bad case of the fleas

With “The Fleas”, Frank Turner & Jon Snodgrass released a new song for the apocalypse. The song is from “Buddies II: Still Buddies”, a lovely, conversational record made by friends. It’s out now on Xtra Mile, and I think the vinyl is already sold out. Guess we’re all looking for friends who can soundtrack our apocalypse.

Oh baby I will read
About the buzzing of the bees
About the grass and snakes and spawning lakes and the different types of trees
And I will find a way
That leads from cruel April into May
And someday soon it will be June and you’ll decide to stay

Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls: The Opening Act of Spring

Terrible news from Britain this morning, The so-called #Brexit really feels like the beginning of the end of something great. The European Union, with all its flaws, is still a great idea I strongly believe in; it has brought stability and possibility to European peoples in a way no conventional nation-state could before. To see it disintegrate at the hands of ignorant, populist, racist, xenophobic right-wingers like Farage or obnoxious, power-hungry opportunists like Boris Johnson is tough. 

In the midst of all this terribleness comes the release of this fun video for “Love Forty Down” by Frank Turner. The skinny English country singer has written songs that are more political or better commentary for this fuck up, but the clip is a good 2 and a half minutes of respite feat. a tennis match against Jason Isbell. 

If you need more dissent and despair sung in an English accent today, I can also recommend this spotify playlist by Frank Turner’s label Xtra Mile.


New video from everyone’s favorite raspy voiced, rugged singer! “You and I Alone” from Chuck Ragan. 

Ragan’s music is increasingly straight-up country and, similar to everyone’s skinny half-assed English coutry singer, increasingly polished. But that voice. That mood. It still feels like your best friend sings you a song by a camp fire in the woods while you hand out blankets and wool sweaters. 
Adding that to the beach scene in the video, this is my current escape-fernweh fantasy.

For some reason, this Frank Turner version of Counting Crows’ Anna Begins manages to remind me of every single crush I’ve ever had. Just of the crushes, not the ‘actual’ romances. 

Last song to achieve this was a version of the Goo Goo Dolls’ Iris sung live by the singer of Pale years ago in Konstanz. 

Right in the feels, as tumblr-people like to say. And yes, all my nostalgia-inducing songs are uncool and cheesy. 

The heart wants what the heart wants.

(video by secretsessionstv)

I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous (by Frank Turner)

I always wanted to write a version of this song for me and my friends. I wanted to write the song before the song would just be about how we’re content in our marriages. How we don’t really hate our jobs. How we love our newborn despite everything. Before our moment passed. Before I forget what that we is.