Until now, the Republican Party has mainly drawn its leadership from the secular right. The Christian right has been a powerful presence during the past few decades, but mainly at the local and state level. And it has distanced itself from the xenophobic right, at least publicly. Trump is changing all of that.

Understanding Trumpism by Arlene Stein

In France, the tasseled loafer makes its own peculiar political statement. John Vinocur, the executive editor of The International Herald Tribune, said that the shoes were worn, actually flaunted, by young rightists in the mid-1980’s who wished to demonstrate their distaste for the Socialist Government…To them, the preppiness of the shoe represented American prosperity and free-market conservatism. Thus, it became part of the battle uniform of the young soldier of la contre-revolution.

The Politicization of Tassel Loafers, Neil A. Lewis, New York Times, 03/11/93 (via)

A whopping 46 percent of likely GOP primary voters said they think interracial marriage should be illegal, while only 40 percent said they think it should be allowed. Another 14 percent said they were unsure. It was only 45 years ago that Mississippi legalized interracial marriage, and this poll indicates it continues to be a controversial subject.

46 Percent of Mississippi Republicans Want Interracial Marriage Banned

Todays entry in the “It’s the 21st century, folks!” also known as “Mad Men is not a vision of the future, people.” Can someone wake up the GOP? I mean, I know they’re conservative and that I probably will disagree with them on a lot of issues – but this is getting ridiculous. See also: Santorum claiming he nearly “threw up” when he read JFK’s separation of church and state. That man is a frontrunner in one of the two parties that define US politics and policy. 

This is no longer simple conservatism. This is a racist, bigoted, reactionary longing for the darkest part of the 50s. This is a deathwish for modern America.