Instapaper Premium is now free for everyone


Today we’re making Instapaper Premium available to all Instapaper users, free of charge. Instapaper Premium is the best way to experience all that Instapaper has to offer, and we’re excited to open it up to everyone.

Before, some of our greatest features were limited to Instapaper Premium subscribers. Now that we’re better resourced, we’re able to offer everyone the best version of Instapaper. Starting today, all users will have access to:

  • An ad-free Instapaper website
  • Full-text search for all articles
  • Unlimited Notes
  • Text-to-speech playlists
  • Unlimited speed reading
  • “Send to Kindle” via bookmarklet and mobile apps
  • Kindle Digests of up to 50 articles

For existing Instapaper Premium users, we’ll offer prorated refunds for your current subscription, and you’ll no longer be billed for Instapaper Premium. Thanks for your support throughout the years, we appreciate it.

All users will continue to have an ad-free Instapaper app experience, and we’re eliminating ads on the web entirely.

Opening Instapaper Premium is something we’ve always wanted to do, and we’re thrilled to give everyone the very best Instapaper experience. If you’ve got any questions or feedback, just let us know via or @InstapaperHelp on Twitter.

– Instapaper Team

Instapaper is still my favorite app (in form and function) and one of the main ways I keep this blog going (queued quotes are often quotes marked in Instapaper and automated via IFTTT) so I’m excited about more people using the service, appreciating not having to pay for my renewal in my current post-degree financial situation, and only slightly worried about the future of the app now that it is owned by Pinterest. 

Sick and tired of the usual, grueling day-to-day coverage of the US presidential election? Yeah, me too. Yet there are still 10 days to go until the watershed election day..

 Besides the repetitive email scandals on one side and gross sexist, racist rambling on the other side, there are still challenging issues and fascinating stories. 7Days2Vote is a project that aims to tell those stories and document what individual voters care about. 2 friends are road tripping through the Eastern and Southeastern states and taping interviews with voters. The videos will be released successively during the 7 days leading up to the election (hence the name) and I’m really excited about the project. The project is mainly German, but the twitter feed and the videos will be bilingual.

Full disclosure: I run the twitter account @7days2vote and Daniel is my younger brother 🙂

Melissa Harris-Perry Threatened by Stranger, Saved by Students

 Melissa Harris-Perry (Wake Forest University professor, MSNBC host) is a wonderful, inspiring person. Prof. Harris-Perry is someone who encounters a frightening situation – a strange man coming too close to her and mumbling vaguely threatening comments – and turns it into a chance to write beautifully about the importance of good teacher – student relationships and education: 

“Teaching is the great calling and privilege of my life. It has saved, redeemed, reset, and transformed me repeatedly through the decades. Looking for a path for a student, I have discovered new trails for myself. Hoping to stoke their enthusiasm, I have uncovered hidden joys. Students have challenged me because I was wrong and I have had to change. They have pushed me when I was exhausted and I have found new energy. They have been bored and I have had to innovate. They have succeeded beyond my imaginings; thus I share in the accomplishments of hundreds of lives and am not bound to the achievements of a single existence.”

You can read more about her experience (in Iowa, as a professor, and as a student of Maya Angelou) on the Anna Julia Cooper Center blog.