The Wall is not about Art.

Artists in Berlin, disgusted that the graffiti on the Berlin Wall right after the fall of the GDR was being celebrated for its own sake in a bourgeois, quasi-spiritual manner, scrawled this and a long yellow line across on the Wall. (According to Bridget Fowler in Pierre Bourdieu and Cultural Theory, p. 178)

Ocean Vuong: New Chapbook Out


My second chapbook is officially available for PRE-ORDER from YesYes Bøøks. A special limited edition run of 150 copies. I’m so happy and grateful they believed in my little sentences. My day is made. Also, Jericho Brown said some things:

“What this poet sees on the street, in a blizzard, or even while studying an apple reminds me of those dreams we have in common: dreams in which we are falling but never touch ground, dreams in which we are naked in the presence of men suited for our ruin.”

All pre-orders come with FREE shipping:

Since I bought the current issue of Dossier Journal when I was in Berlin last weekend mainly because of Ocean Vuong’s contribution “My Father Writes From Prison”,  I had to pre-order the new chapbook. Shipping is even for free for European customers, so it was even affordable. My day is made.

Ocean Vuong: New Chapbook Out


Saturday I participated in the 5 Year Mädchenmannschaft birthday celebration at Werkstatt der Kulturen in Berlin. It was the first time I took the stage with my texts without the bandYou can see a ‘setlist’ of the texts I read at my poetry page. The other two spoken word performers during my session Anne Prinsregentenheim and Jayrome C. Robinet were amazing and it was a great honor to share the stage with them. 

 It was great meeting so many people at the party and I for the most part had a good time, but not everything was great: A panel on activism and internet, the penultimate part of the program, turned into a discussion of different criticisms of the Slutwalk Berlin. When confronted with the (absolutely correct!) criticism especially re: the reproduction of racist sentiments and the lack of inclusion of PoC, the representatives of the Slutwalk organisation team – both on the podium and in the audience – reacted in a manner that only confirmed the criticism.

@accalmie wrote a better text about the incident and the problems of Slutwalk in general than I ever could, so I highly recommend you all go read it now: You Walk Alone. I can also recommend these “Four Brief Critiques of Slutwalk’s Whiteness, Privilege and Unexamined Power Dynamics.” (h/t to zweisatz on fb for that.) 

William S. Burroughs: A Man Within is a documentary about the public and personal side of the Naked Lunch author and legend. Looks interesting. Zebra Kino Konstanz will show the film Febuary 9/10/12/13. 
Also check out this interview the director Yony Leyser gave Stil in Berlin. His next project sounds even more intriguing than this one: A documentary about queercore!

This is my favorite of all the great street art I saw this weekend in Berlin. “I love this wall but ruined it by writing this.” The green text on the lower right cover reads: “Geht mir genau so” (I feel the same) 

It’s on Manteuffelstraße between Paul-Lincke-Ufer and Reichenberger Straße.