Lindau in November 2020

I need a break from the real world
I will live in social media now
Until I am a word of myself!
Away you fly from such a brow!

People are just as bad
They’ve known the world along that way
But rent is cheaper
Since your own life is a day.

A poem inspired byEmily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, and Sara Teasdale based on my most recent (English) tweet and composed with Google’s AI Verse by Verse.

(via twitter.)

Can Game Theory Help Save Our Forests? | JSTOR Daily

The JSTOR blog recaps current research projects that try to implement game theory methods to work against poaching, illegal logging, and other threats to global fauna and flora (”green security games”): 

Although these technologies are still in their pilot testing phases, these projects demonstrate the power of applying computer science to help protect our world’s remaining wild places.


Can Game Theory Help Save Our Forests? | JSTOR Daily