A month of Women’s History implies that the other 11 months belong to men’s history or, as it’s known, history. No one is a bigger advocate of celebrating women’s history than me and I’m too young to be completely cynical but it’s hard not to look at the state of the nation for women and feel like these designations are just a pat on the head from the group of cigar smoking patriarchs who say with that pat, “Now dearie, we gave you a whole month to talk about you and your friends, what more could you want now?” We’ll take the month, thanks, and we’ll use it to educate and inspire but if you think it will hold off our revolt you’ve got another thing coming – we’ll use this month to plan that, too.

Let Women’s History Month Begin! | The Ms. Education of Shelby Knox

It’d be a bit too much to say institutions/programs like the Women’s History Month are necessary evils, but I think it goes in that direction. Unfortunately (mainstream) history is still dominated by white old men in power, and as long that’s the case the Women’s History Month is a good  great thing. And I haven’t given up hope that history (and society) will one day be more inclusive.

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